These side hustles pay top dollar in the gig economy

We all know that driving for Uber or Lyft or turning your spare bedroom into an Airbnb can be lucrative. But just how much cash can you really make?

These side hustles pay top dollar in the gig economy

Making a decent living is no longer limited to the 9-to-5 life—it can also include a serious side hustle.

Perhaps that’s why more and more people are getting in on the gig economy. A new survey from Bankrate found that 44 million American adults hold a side gig, aka an extra way to make a buck aside from their main source of income.

These side gigs aren’t just good for pulling together some weekend bar money or splurging on avocado toast, either. The income that people—specifically, millennials, who make up the majority of side hustlers—are making rounds out to a median of $200 a month, with the top 25% hauling in more than $500 a month, according to the Bankrate survey.

So what is it, exactly, that these people are doing to make so much money? Running lemonade stands? Walking dogs? Try again.

Online lender Earnest recently identified the top side gigs that offer the highest earning potential each month. Taking a look at the companies on the list, you’ve probably considered picking up one of the side jobs at some point in your life. And after seeing how much money you could make (nearly $1,000 a month at the top place!), you’re going to want to start hustling every day. Take a look:

Have a spare bedroom? Turn it into an Airbnb, where renters can make an average of $924 a month.

For the handymen (and women), picking up jobs at TaskRabbit you could make an average of $380 a month, or $103 a month at Fiverr.

Drivers for popular ride-sharing apps Lyft and Uber haul in some serious cash, too. Drivers at Lyft make an average of $377 per month, while Uber drivers typically see $364 monthly.

Along the same line, food delivery apps Doordash and Postmates pay their workers a pretty penny, too. At Doordash, you could make an average of $229 a month, while at Postmates, you would be looking at an average of $174 a month.

For the crafty type, you could make a monthly average of $151 at Etsy.

Have a car you never use? Renting your car out on Getaround can put an average of $98 a month in your pocket.

Find your next side job on Monster.