Monster's Guide to Office Romance

Monster's Guide to Office Romance
Office romance can be the start of a beautiful relationship -- or a recipe for disaster. When emotion is involved, good judgment can go out the window. Do you really want to mix sex in the office with the cold realities of business? According to a recent homepage poll, 46 percent of Monster members think workplace romance is fine, just as long as the people involved behave like adults.

Before you leap into dating in the workplace, let these articles guide you through what’s acceptable at work when it comes to everything from fledgling flirtations to lifelong partnerships:

Love at Work: Dating a coworker is natural, easy and comfortable for many people. Beware of the downsides, however. A failed workplace romance can hurt your career and reputation. 

Love Conquers All Workplaces: With less time to date outside the office, more of us are pairing off with the cutie next door. But does the boss OK dating in the workplace?

Top 5 Keys to Mixing Work and Romance: Learn the five ways to maximize your chances of enjoying a workplace romance and surviving to tell the tale.

Danger: Office Romance Ahead: If you’re thinking of combining love and work into an office affair, heed these warnings first.

Audio: Dos and Don'ts of Office Romance: When you've discovered your soul mate down the hall, be sure to maximize the chances for personal and career bliss. 

True Work Romance Stories: Dating in the workplace can lead to the altar -- or a miserable working experience. These Monster members’ stories run the gamut. 

Love in the Work Kitchen: Is it possible -- or sensible -- to pursue workplace romance amid kitchen chaos? Read these tips first, because things can get sticky. 

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