Lessons to be learned from the top 10 Monster articles of 2017

From faking your confidence at work to cover letter mistakes to those always-popular travel jobs, these are the career-related topics that you cared most about this year.

Lessons to be learned from the top 10 Monster articles of 2017

It’s been a wild year. From the daily political rollercoaster to the sexual abuse/harassment revelations rocking industries across the board, it’s safe to say we’re not in Kansas anymore.

But of course, life goes on—and so does the job search. For every tropical storm, White House shakeup, and, um, Kendall Jenner Pepsi-ad backlash (ah, it seems so long ago), you’ve been busily shooting off resumes and doing your best to land a job that makes life better.

And Monster’s been right there with you, doling out the expert tips and pro perspectives you need to put your best shiny interview shoe forward. That’s why we’re rounding up our 10 most popular articles of 2017 and diving into just what they say about the job search in the year of literal floods and fires.

First, let’s take a look at the top 10, collected here for your clicking pleasure.

  1. Are you being taken advantage of at work?
  2. Buzzwords to include and avoid on your resume
  3. Cover letter mistakes you should avoid
  4. The most powerful action verbs for professional resumes
  5. This is one emotion that you should fake
  6. Top skills to list on your resume
  7. Difficult interview questions and the answers to get you hired
  8. How long does it really take to get a job?
  9. 8 jobs where you get paid to travel
  10. How to quit a job you just started

So what does this list tell us about what’s on job seekers’ minds in 2017? We’ve got a few thoughts:

Resumes, cover letters, and interview skills are still top-of-mind

For every piece of new technology that modernizes or automates the job search, there’s still no replacement for a well written summation of who you are and what you’ve got to offer, plus the good ol’ face-to-face job interview. Language matters, and we’re not just talking about the bot-friendly keywords that can push you through a glutted application database. More than ever, job seekers are carefully considering the finer points of how they present themselves, both on paper (staying away from excessive “I” phrases, not using their cover letter to simply parrot their resume) and in person (knowing how to smartly talk about their strengths and weaknesses).

Buzzwords come and go

While we have no doubt you’re an innovative, hard-working team player who always thinks outside the box, we’re glad job seekers are eager to track which job search buzzwords actually mean something. Instead of falling back on clichés, offer concrete examples that actually sell your skills. It’s the old “show—don’t tell” rule. In other words, you can tell someone a tree is beautiful, special, and good, but unless they can see it for themselves, they’re just going to have to take your word for it. But—and here’s where those action verbs come in handy—if you can show that person how the same tree had three direct reports, boosted revenue, and saved its department thousands of dollars, they’re way more likely to be persuaded. And hire you/the tree. Okay, this metaphor is getting shaky.

If a job’s not working out, find a better one

There are numerous reasons to embark on a job search while employed, but chief among them is fair treatment in the workplace. Our most popular story this year revolved around signs that you’re being taken advantage of on the job—maybe that’s why so many readers were also interested in the importance of faking their confidence. Remember, though, there’s always a way forward, even if you just started a brand-new job only to find it’s not the perfect fit you thought it was. Just get your expectations in line, hit the job boards (the Monster 100 is a good place to start), and we know you’ll find the great gig you deserve.

Travel jobs still rule

Though the internet has helped put the world at our fingertips, it hasn’t overthrown the allure of real-life experiences. Case in point: Readers are as eager as ever to ditch the desk-bound life for a job that lets them take their skills on the road, in the air, or wherever you get to go as an on-call archaeologist (feels almost comforting, doesn’t it?). Unsurprisingly, our look at eight sought-after travel jobs rounded out our list of 2017’s most popular stories, giving you a little something to aspire to in the year ahead—no matter what kind of tree job seeker you are.