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Job Hunt Strategy
Job Hunt Strategy
5 Top Myths on How to Land a Job

5 Top Myths on How to Land a Job

Whether you’re looking for your first-ever job or your 10th, you’ll run into myths about landing a job. Don’t let these myths distract you from doing what it really takes to find and land the job you want.
Getting Started
Where (in the US) the Engineering Jobs Are

Engineering Hot Spots

Engineering hiring can vary with the terrain. Here’s a rough map of where in the US you can find an engineering job in your specialty.
Career Assessment
When to Target a Lower Position

Target a Lower Position

Moving up isn't the only way to advance your career. Here's when and how you should take a step down.
Company & Industry Research
Human Resources 101: An Overview

HR 101

There's more to HR than recruiting. Whether it's paying employees or lifting morale, find your HR niche.
Professional Networking
Professional Associations for Engineers

Engineering Associations

Joining an industry group is a great way to stay current in your field and manage your career. Here are some engineering organizations to check out.
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