Job growth in transportation keeps trucking along in June

One particular sector was largely responsible for helping drive the gains.

Job growth in transportation keeps trucking along in June

The transportation industry continues to make strides in job growth, according to the latest employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Overall, transportation and warehousing added 17,000 jobs in June. 

But do you know which sector in transportation is making the most gains?

That would be the trucking industry. Last month, more than 7,000 truck driver jobs were added. Since April, the sector has added 19,000.

According to, pay for truck drivers depends on the type of truck one is driving. Those behind the wheel of heavy trucks (26,000 pounds and heavier) can expect an average annual pay of about $48,000. Delivery truck drivers earn on average just below $40,000.

Other sectors within transportation that showed growth included:

  • Warehousing and storage: 2,800 jobs
  • Support activities: 2,700 jobs
  • Couriers and messengers: 2,000 jobs
  • Transit, ground passenger transportation: 700 jobs
  • Rail transportation: 700 jobs
  • Air transportation: 700 jobs
  • Scenic, sight-seeing transportation: 300 jobs

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